VservU GmbH: Software and Services

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Based on 20 years of experience as Director Software Sales for FASTech/BROOKS Automation/Applied Materials and as independent consultant, we know all the strengths and weaknesses of MES systems like Workstream, Fab300, FACTORYworks, PROMIS and others. Together with our partners we help to identify the best, individual approach.
This can be

  • a step by step expansion of an existing, complex sytem; at your pace - as fast or slow as reasonable
  • a full migration to a new, open and standard platform; if your system is no longer maintained or outdated
  • or the implementation of a new MES system; for Start-Ups or growing companies.

Together with uur partner Critical Manufacturing we can offer a perfect solution.

Critical Manufacturing was founded in 2009, starting with many experts from Critical Software and Qimonda.

Critical Software for many years was the key solution provider and partner of Infineon and Qimonda. During about 10 years they implemented the worldwide concept for one standard solution for all semicondcutor manufacturing facilities of Infineon and Qimonad (frontend and backend), including successful migrations from Workstream to  Fab300.

Based on that experience the new MES solution cmNavigo was developed and brought to the market within short time. cmNavigo[ is an open framework, making heavily use of standards (Microdoft stack) and modern technologies. It offers an attractive low Total Cost of Ownership (ToC) and provides full access and control to operators and local IT experts; at all levels.
Core industries served are e.g. Semiconductor (front end and back end), Automotive, Aerospace, Machinery, Electronics, Pharmaceutical.

Together with Critical Manufacturing we offer consulting services and complete MES implementations based on cmNavigo.

Challenge us, you'll be surprised about the big benefits we can offer as team!

Software: MegaZine3

Development and sales of digital publishing solutions based on MegaZine3 as key product.

MegaZine3 is an extreme flexible and open framework for:

  • Catalogues
  • eBooks, Photo Books, historic and national heritage Books
  • Magazines, Newspapers
  • Brochures and Flyers
  • Company and Financial Reports
  • Manuals, Documentations

Main feature is an easy, intuitive and natural flipping of pages, with a kind of 3d simulation of a real book.

The look & feel can be customized with paramters (via XML files), to design the desired look&feel for the CI (coprorate identity). Full interactive and dynamic, multimedia books can be built in adding e.g. video and animations and in reacting to user operations via scripts (ActionScript3, Javascript, PHP, Python etc.).

An open, powerful API provides access to all parameters and events and allows to trigger functions.

Everything is under your control: you can use your computers and servers and perform PDF conversions on your system. The configuration file defining the book can be built using our tools or even dynamically on your server with PHP or other scritping languages. All without the need of external services.